Beautiful People: June 2017

Beautiful People is a monthly linkup hosted by Cait (of Paper Fury) and Sky (of Further Up and Further In), featuring questions that writers can use to interview their characters. To find out more and join the fun, check out their blogs! 

I was looking over this month’s batch of questions when I realized I haven’t participted in a single edition of BP in 2017. After some thought, I decided to interview another character from Roguess (the fantasy/mystery novel I drafted last year), since I’ve been working on some new ideas for it. I’ve previously featured Aveirna, Tealdyn, and Reyn, so this month I’m featuring Althea.

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What’s their favorite place they’ve ever visited?
Althea enjoys traveling the countryside, particularly in midsummer when the grass is high and rolling in the breeze.

What’s one mistake they made that they learned from?
She tried to lead a covert mission into an enemy camp once before. Her group lost three soldiers and gained a few scars that night.

What was their favorite subject in school? Or favorite thing to learn about?  
She was always fascinated by geography and weather, and how it impacted her homeland. Her tutors kept her supplied with numerous books and reports on the subjects, but she eventually took to asking Reyn and Tealdyn for more from the royal collection.

What’s their favorite flower/growing thing?
Mint. The crisp scent is her favorite thing no matter the time of year. It reminds Althea of home and her loved ones.

Have they ever made someone cry? What happened?
Yes, on a few occasions.

Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?
I’ve never written a scene with Althea as narrator, but I think she would be a reliable one.

What do they dream about at night?
Althea often dreams about past events, though the memories are twisted from the truth, as dreams usually are. She doesn’t often have nightmares, but when she does it is usually of failed battles and the costs.

They’ve gone out for a “special meal.” What would they eat?
Probably something rich, like her favorite soup.

Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?
Althea’s mistakes and training have helped her develop a knack for quick thinking and seeing how a situation might go. Tealdyn often follows her plans and advice during wartime.

What’s at least one thing they want to do before they die?
Althea would like to spend at least a month traveling for no reason simply than she wants to, not because it is part of a campaign or a transfer from one palace to the other, and she would choose go to somewhere she’s never been before. (This isn’t the thing she wants most, but she keeps the main thing secret.)


  1. Is Althea a soldier of some kind? I love the travelling, wandering spirit she seems to have alongside her learned quick, tactical thinking. Also, what you said about nightmares twisting memories: I like it.

    Always nice to find a new blog through linkups. Yours is quite lovely, Jameson!

    1. She is! Althea's one of the commanders of her country's army, so she definitely enjoys getting to use her skills and travel. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Althea sounds like a really interesting character! I'm intrigued by her palace/army position; is she the commander of a group of soldiers? :) Great post!

    Sincerely, Melissa <3

    1. Althea's very fun to write, and kind of expanded her role in the story quite a bit! She's a commander in her country's army. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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