In the Sun | June 2017

And so another month has come and gone, as well as another season. Summer’s getting off to a busy start here, but it’s been a nice month.


Continued revisions on TAD2.
I have a OneNote file full of notes, and after quite a few plot adjustments, I think this draft is coming along—if at a slower pace than I’d prefer. Be that as it may, I’ve had so much fun working with the TAD cast again.

Camp NaNo prep.
I’m scaling things down for the July session of Camp and aiming for 20K. I’ve been chasing a plot bunny and I’m really excited to see how the first draft turns out (hint: it’s a fairy tale retelling). I’ll be working on it alongside TAD2.


I added a contact form and email subscription option for Lovely Whatsoevers.



Lots of reading.
You can check out the reading recaps on LW for mini reviews of what I’ve read this year. If you’re on Goodreads, feel free to add me as friend there. :) I’m also attempting TFI’s summer reading challenge.

Finally caught up on (some) TV shows.
Since I have Netflix again, I finished up the available episodes of Longmire (finally), and now I’m waiting on the last season. I’ve also been watching a lot of documentaries. #HistoryNerd 

Any suggestions on shows or movies to check out? :)

Went to Dollywood.
It was a fun Saturday spent with my siblings and my cousin.

Tell me about your month! Are you having a nice summer?