Oh, What Fun! Christmas Blog Party: Let the Fun Begin!

How do you know it's officially Christmas season?
For me, I think it’s the day after Thanksgiving. I mean, there’s Christmas stuff everywhere in the stores way before then, but I usually don’t get into complete Christmas mode until then. On December 1st, I become Buddy the Elf.

Show off your Christmas tree.

Share some of your holiday playlist.
I have a ton of favorites, but here are a few:

I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day – Casting Crowns
Do You Hear What I Hear? - Third Day
The Night Before Christmas – Brandon Heath
Ring the Bell – Silver Trees
I’ll Be Home For Christmas
– Canyon City & Besty Phillips
His Favorite Christmas Story – Capital Lights
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – (A lot of different versions)
The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole is my favorite, though there are others I like as well.

Favorite Christmas carol?
Most Christmas carols are way outside of my vocal range to sing, but maybe Joy To the World? I’m not really sure.

Do you wear any holiday headwear (Santa hat, elf ears…)?
Yes. My mom gave me a Santa hat...a few years ago, and I’ve worn it every December since. I start wearing it on the 1st and wear it through Christmas Day. It usually becomes a conversation point a couple of times each year, which is kind of cool.

What kind of wrapping paper are you using this year?
I have some shiny red paper that I will probably use this year. I have a lot of ribbon and stuff that I can decorate it with. :)

Are you sending out Christmas cards?
Yep. (And if anybody’s interested in swapping Christmas cards, just let me know!)

When is it appropriate to listen to Christmas music?
All the time. I listen to it throughout the year, especially around the end of November and throughout December. :)


  1. I forgot to comment on your original post so first of all, I LOVE this Christmas blog party and am so excited for it! I will be linking up, as soon as I remember to take a pic of my Christmas tree! XD

    Now though, I LOVE your Christmas tree! It's so pretty. And I have the same answer as for when it's appropriate to listen Christmas music: ALWAYS. I am the worst singer ever but that doesn't stop me from trying to sing all the Christmas carols, mind you it's usually just like me and my mom in the car but still. XD
    Yes, rock the Santa hat! I wish I was better at Christmas cards, I always forget and am just awkward honestly so I write nonsense in them. It's terrible.

    Love your post and I hope you're having a lovely December so far!

    1. Thank you! We've added some new ornaments this year, and it's pretty eclectic. I like it though. :)

      SING ALL THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! They're fun to sing but I can't sing really high notes and most of them are written using them and so it's...interesting, hehe. :)


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