Oh, What Fun! Christmas Blog Party: Christmas Traditions

When do you decorate for the holidays?
I always want to start decorating Thanksgiving evening or the next day, but it’s usually the first weekend in December when I actually get started. The tree goes up, we put some lights up around the house, and a few Christmas-themed decorations as well. This year, I have a mini tree in my room too, and some Christmas lights suspended from the ceiling.

Is there a Christmas special you always watch?
A few, actually. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a must-watch every year though.

Opening presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas Day. Last year, we actually mixed things up and opened them on Christmas Eve, but I like opening them on Christmas morning best. :)

Have you ever been caroling?
A couple of times. The church I used to attend would sometimes go out caroling, and it was fun.

When do you decorate the tree?
Usually the first weekend in December, or the second, depending on if we get a real tree or use our fake one.

If you have pets, do you get gifts for them?
Yep. They each have their own stocking (mini ones for the cats), and they get their favorite kinds of treats for Christmas as well as a can of their favorite food, and usually a toy. They also like to play in the wrapping paper shreds.