2016 Top Tens: Movies

It was a big year for movies! I watched so many great ones (and a few not-so-great), and today I’m sharing ten of my favorites. As with this year’s favorite books, some of these are movies that were released before 2016, but I watched them for the first time this year.

10.) Tuck Everlasting
I liked the book a bit more, but I enjoyed this adaptation as well.

9.) Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I was really eager to see how this one fit in with the rest of the series and what stories it would open up. I really liked it!

8.) The Martian
This movie has been everywhere. I’d heard nothing but good things about it, so I wasn’t sure how it would live up to expectations. It was pretty good.

7.) The Young Victoria
I like period movies and had been meaning to watch this one for a while. It’s cute and intriguing and also a visually pretty movie.

6.) Finding Dory
This was such a cute sequel to Finding Nemo. I loved seeing how it fit in with the first movie. Plus, it’s hilarious.

5.) In the Heart of the Sea
I’d read the book on which this movie is based earlier in the year, so it was cool to see how the story was retold for screen. I really liked it.

4.) Assassin’s Creed
I know very little about the game series, but oh my goodness, this movie is good. I loved it.

3.) Doctor Strange
Is he one of my new favorite superheroes? Yes. Yes, he is. This was a fun entry into the MCU and I love that it feels more like a standalone.(And that mid-credits scene!)

2.) Captain America: Civil War
While different than expected, I really enjoyed this one. The impact on the rest of the MCU will be interesting to see.

1.) The Prestige
I loved this one. It’s twisty and confusing and a little bit haunting, but very good.
What were your favorite movies this year?


  1. I'm loving these lists! I'm a sucker for top ten lists. (Or any kind of list really... *cough, cough*)

    Man, I used to loooove the Tuck Everlasting movie, despite it being quite different from the book.

    Sadly, the only other things I've seen that you mentioned are Doctor Strange and Civil War. BUT THOSE TWO MOVIES. SO AMAZING. Even if Civil War permanently damaged my feels. *collapses*

    1. Oh my goodness, LISTS. I love seeing what everyone's favorites were at the end of the year!

      I'd been wanting to watch it for months but there was no where to rent it (literally no one had it???), but I finally found it on TV. I liked it!

      Right? There are so many little things I notice each time I watch it that make things a little more feels-wrenching.

  2. It is weird thinking Civil War actually came out in 2016 because it just seems like it has been longer. Finding Dory and Star Wars were definitely films I liked over the last year, too!


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