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Nichole @ The Jumping Bean nominated me for the Q & A Tag!

The Rules:
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What beast would you take into battle?
Probably a dragon. Or a bandersnatch? Or maybe one of my cats. The only thing is, they are easily distracted by food.

Would you rather live in a medieval world or a sci-fi one?
Hmm. Probably medieval. You get fancy dresses and dancing and castles and dashing gentlemen. And maybe even get to go on a quest.

Gandalf or Dumbledore?

Be honest: would you be tempted by the One Ring or not?
Yes. It’s the draw of world domination and a villainous-yet-fabulous cloak that would get me.

What kind of action movie do you most prefer (military, espionage, etc.)
Action-adventure, preferably with some humor. I like laughing!

Team Cap or team Iron Man?
Team Cap.

Do you enjoy classic literature/poetry?
Yes, mostly. I read more classic poetry than modern and have enjoyed most of the classics I’ve read.

Would you wear a cape or a cloak?
CLOAKS ARE AWESOME. I would totally wear one.

What are you most likely to get put in jail for?
...for embracing my inner Edna Mode and slapping someone with a newspaper, probably.

Weapon of choice?
Swords are cool, and I’ve wanted to take up archery for years, so probably a bow.

I’m leaving this as an open tag. If you want to give it a try, 
here are my questions:
1.) What is one book you can’t wait to read?
2.) Which states in the U.S. have you been to?
3.) Have you ever traveled to another country?
4.) Do you have pets?
5.) Retellings or the original fairy tales?
6.) Favorite candy?
7.) If you could travel through time, to where and when would you go?
8.) Favorite color to wear?
9.) Who would you choose to go adventuring with?
10.) You can choose any two fictional worlds to blend together. Which do you choose?


  1. Okay, see, I was conflicted because I didn't know whether to take offense to you picking Gandolf and then I started thinking...well Dumbledore is great but also has a lot of flaws. Then I got over it because at least you're Team Cap! You have great beast choices, I'd pick the same! And right, cloaks are sooo awesome???!!!
    This looks like so much fun! I think I'll take your questions and do it myself. XD

    1. I picked him in part because I actually know nothing about Dumbledore, hehe! ;D (And go Team Cap!)

      I may have spent too long considering the beast question. It's a tough choice!

      And CLOAKS. I love cloaks so much (though I don't own one). I should fix that.

      Ooh, I'd love to see your answers! :)

  2. TEAM CAP. *hives* I don't think I have the stamina for a medieval world. I really am just very attached to things like medicine and running water and electricity and I feel like I have a higher chance of that in the sci-fi world. Also, cloaks are just great. Always an A+ fashion choice.

    1. All very good reasons to choose scifi! I too am quite fond of them. :) And you can still have cloaks in scifi, which is nice.


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