Thankful | November 2016

November was a month filled with words and time spent with family. Here’s what happened in November:

* Participated in NaNoWriMo again.
This NaNo was full of surprises. It’s my third consecutive NaNo win. *screams* (And I wrote 50K in nineteen days. I’m not even sure how that happened.) I finished the first draft of Tolling Bells in the early hours of November 26th, with a total of 63,034 words. Snippets are here, if you want to read them. :)

Orange Kool-Aid is great writing fuel.
* Voted for the second time in my life.
Don’t worry—I’m not going to get political here. :) I think we’re all exhausted of election talk by now. I did get a cool sticker though!

* Watched Doctor Strange.
I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this movie, since I didn’t really know much about the character or story beforehand, but I loved it. Such a fun movie.

* Worked on some secret things.
Good things. At least, I hope they turn out to be good. We’ll see.

* Thanksgiving!
This year, my family had two Thanksgiving dinners (one for my mom’s family and one for my dad’s). Much fun was had and much good food consumed. I have so many things to be thankful for, that’s certain. :)

Live-streaming the Macy’s parade while on the road.
* Made a new sugar cookie recipe.
I like baking, especially around the holidays. My sugar cookie recipe is really the only one I’ve “created,” so mixing it up was fun, and I’m a little bit proud of it.

* Prepared for my Christmas blog party.
Oh, What Fun! will be returning this year, with a few changes. It starts on December 3rd this year.

 * Worked on other bloggy things. 
December will probably not have a Lessons post. I’ve got a few other posts going up so I don’t want to crowd the blog too much. That being said, Lessons will return in January! :) 
There will be a blog post about The Assassin’s Daughter in December. I’m nervous about it, but also excited. That will probably make its appearance around the middle part of the month.

* Started a Christmas short story/novella.
I planned to take a writing break after NaNo but this Christmas plot bunny would not let go, so I’m working on it now. The goal is to finish it by the 10th and see how things go from there. The working title is The Pursuit of Merriment.

Tell me about your November! Did you participate in NaNoWriMo? How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. YES I participated in NaNo *is still recovering from it* xD It was so much fun! And CONGRATS TO YOU for hitting 50k SO fast! *tosses confetti* You did amazing, Jameson!

    ~ Savannah


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