Snippets | November 2016

This month, all of my writing focus has been on my NaNoWriMo novel, Tolling Bells. Here are some snippets from it!
    Corralling the doctor out of an argument with a child—again—had not been a part of Theo’s plans for today.
    “But what if it could be done?”
    The answer was there; she knew it was, but she couldn’t let herself think of it. Not without feeling ill and unsteady.
    Maryann sipped tea and sighed. “I have missed your company, Theo.”
    “We’ve been having far too few debates of late,” Horace added, smiling over his cup. “Was there a reason we are graced with your presence this evening?”
    “I brought cake.”
    The sting of the words hit her like a slap. A number of insults carried through her thoughts but she stuffed them down. “We had a deal,” she repeated, “and until it is completed, we still have this arrangement.”
    Everything in this world had its end.
    Theo swallowed a mouthful of the bitter tea and studied him from across the room. There was so much she didn’t know about this man yet. Of all the things she knew, too many secrets still waited in the air between them. Things she would one day have no other choice than to ask him. Things he likely would never give her an honest answer for.
    A smart man would have turned back and kept walking. A smart man would have pretended he saw nothing.
    Ovalle threaded his fingers together in front of him, but it was not enough to completely conceal the unsteadiness in his hands. “I don’t make bargains.”
    “Not even if they will keep you from the gallows?”
    Leo tasted blood on the edge of his tongue.
    Once, he would have recoiled at the idea of someone doing the things he’d done. Now, these were a few more steps to finding peace. A few more tasks to set the world aright once more.
    “Do you ever miss it?”
    Ovalle shrugged one shoulder. “The familiarity, sometimes.... The world was very different then.”
    Theo waited at the study door for the low conversation in the parlor to cease.
    Rain hit the windows hard, the sound like dozens of glass beads falling across the floorboards.


  1. Oooh, these are good! They have such an eerie...old timey feel. Just the PERFECT style for your novel. I LOVE the whole tone of your story!

    I hope it's still going well for you! You've been doing so amazing. :D


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