Sun & Rain | April 2016

* Read more than planned.
I don't remember exactly how many books. Favorite new reads include Steelheart and Firefight, because David is awkward and funny and also sarcastic. (Also: Prof. Prof. PROF.)

* My cat, Smurph, died.
She was with us for almost six years. We were sort of expecting her to go soon, but it was still shocking and sad. It's still weird not having her around to fuss at us or cuddle or to offer her helpful editing advice (see: eating the corners of my printed manuscripts). 

* Participated in Camp NaNoWriMo.
I've talked about my project here and here already. I met my goal of 40,000 words on the 28th but the draft still isn't done. I'm thinking the final word count will be around 50K, and if all goes well, I'd like to have it done no later than May 3rd. We'll see how that goes.

* Went hiking.
My mom, sister, and I are hoping to get our 100-mile pin for the GSMNP's 100th year. The Smokies are a beautiful place. (The title photo of this post is from our hike.)

* Still trying to prepare for Captain America: Civil War.
We're six days away and I still don't want to pick just one side (although I'm slightly more Team Cap). Also, I can't decide which Marvel shirt I want to wear to the theater. #fangirlproblems

Tell me about your month! Did you participate in Camp NaNo? Read any good books?


  1. My month was good. I did the A to Z Blogging Challenge this year. It was fun. I've done some writing outside of the challenge. A couple of short stories I've been meaning to finish. I thought about doing Camp NaNoWriMo, but didn't have the guts to sign up. Mostly because I didn't have an idea for a major project. During this month, though, I did some brainstorming and may have come up with an idea that has the makings of a novel. I haven't started writing it yet. I'm afraid to start, as silly as that sounds. Overall, it's been a good month.

    G. R. McNeese from
    Project Blacklight

    1. I've heard about the A to Z Challenge but have never participated. Sounds like a lot of fun though! :) And that's awesome you were able to work on some short stories too!

      Novels are a lot of fun to write, though finding just the right idea can be tough! Trying a different type of writing project is kind of scary but it can be really rewarding too. :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your cat! :( It's hard to lose pets. Also, nice work on Camp Nano, and it's cool that you went hiking! It sounds like fun.

    1. Hiking was very fun! :) It's something we've been meaning to do more of and that particular trail was a great place to start. Lots of pretty things to see!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. GAh! You read Steelheart and Fireflight???? I LOVE those books so much. Have you gotten to Calamity yet?? I LOVE David. And PROF!!! Right?

    I am so sorry to hear about your cat. =(

    Congrats on camp! Don't you hate it when drafts end up longer than planned though? Bane of my existence.

    Um, Civil War, yes I am not prepared. I am Team Cap though because I've always been Team Cap and I am not switching now. Luckily, I know what shirt to wear. ;)

    I DID CAMP! The month was so hectic though, I met my word count and finished my novel but I feel like i had no time to write all month and things were crazy. Reading wise I reread all the Raven Boys books and then Raven King that just came out and if you haven't read them than I'm begging, do it. They are amazing.

    Hope you have another good month! =)

    1. Oh goodness, Calamity. That one was so plot twisty but very good (though I think I might like Steelheart best?)! I just loved the characters and the humor so much.

      Congrats to you as well! Camp seemed to go by really quickly last month, didn't it? I kept falling behind and having to do huge writing sessions to keep up, but overall I had some fun with the story and actually got a finished draft. *cheers* So, that was nice.

      I've seen so much about that series and thought about giving it a try. I read The Scorpio Races last year and really liked it.

      Yay, Team Cap! Having seen the movie I'm still more Team Cap, but oh my goodness, the FEELS.


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