Five Fun Facts About My Camp NaNoWriMo Project

After falling way behind, I finally finished another round of edits/revisions for The Assassin's Daughter. For this session of Camp NaNo, I'm focusing on another draft of its sequel. To get back in the spirit of TAD2 (which has a title, but it's a little spoilery so...TAD2 it remains for now), I thought I'd share a few “(hopefully) fun facts” about it.

#1.) Out of the series, it was the easiest first draft to complete.
I began writing TAD in October 2011 and completed it in February of 2012 (taking a break for NaNoWriMo in November, as well as editing another project at the time). I immediately started writing TAD2 and completed it exactly one month later.

#2.) This book will feature at least two new points-of-view.
They've had POV chapters in other drafts, so I'm already used to their voices. There is the possibility of two more, but that remains to be seen as the draft progresses.

#3.) The first draft had an outline. This one doesn't.
I'm mostly a panster, especially for first drafts. I have some notes for scenes I want to write and things that need to be in this draft, but the last time I tried to outline this one, it just didn't work. 

So if asked about plot details, odds are this will be my response for most of the month:

#4.) I get to write more about the big baddie.
One of the biggest challenges with writing my main villain is that he doesn't make many appearances at first. He's talked about and alluded to, but not actually “on-screen.” He's always been a challenge to write compared to some of my other antagonists, simply because of how he thinks. In this book, he gets some of my favorite moments.

#5.) This book tends to get darker than the first book.
Out of the two, TAD2 has gone through the most plot changes. Still, it's always been darker than TAD. There are secrets and matters of treason (personal and political). A lot of this book is about characters who are forced to act rather than react, and it's interesting to see how certain characters hold up under the pressure.

Are you doing Camp NaNo this month? What are some fun facts about your WIP?


  1. Ooh! It's cool that your villain is getting some extra screentime. :) I love when that happens. It sounds like you're going to do a lot of development, character-wise and plot wise. Happy writing!

    1. It's always interesting writing this villain, because of the way he thinks about things and tries to manipulate events. So far, I've been able to dig into the some of the newer characters' motives and started seeing how the plot will probably fall into place, which is always fun. :)


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