A Letter From Camp (+ Snippets)

Dear Readers,

Camp is going well. The bugs are out (that's an important camp aspect, isn't it?) but I have so far managed to escape any attacks from them (the same cannot be said about sunburn—ouch).

On the writing front, I've passed the halfway point of my word count goal but the actual halfway point of the story still hasn't taken place. This story may surprise me and have a longer word count than I initially thought. On the sixteenth, I attempted writing 10,000 words in a day and failed.

So far, no surprise characters have shown up, though a few minor characters have been taking a more active role in the story than in previous drafts. Another character also recently hinted at a tragic moment in his backstory that I had no idea about, but for the most part surprises have been few. I'm awaiting some sort of prank or trick from them—this group is a mischievous bunch, that's for sure.

Well, I'm off to chase after plot bunnies.


Enclosed are some snippets.

   Old anger simmered under his skin, untouched by the soft breeze that met him beyond the hall's front doors.

   What he'd dreamed would lead to some great work had led to this—shelling out coins in poor attempts at making amends for wrongs that weren't his to fix.

   “They aren't rebelling. They are only asking for your officers to exercise some restraint in their measures. The people of Aldivere are not wealthy; they can't afford to lose what they have or to rebuild and repair things after the patrols decide to send one of their messages.”
   “My messages,” Maleth corrected.
   Blazes. Vernin forced his voice to sound calm, trying to hide his rising irritation. “You're asking for a rebellion with that mindset.”
   A mocking sound, almost a laugh, left Maleth's throat. He swirled the glass in his hand, watching as the remaining amber liquid within settled again. “You think I'm a stranger to handling rebellions? This game isn't new. I've been winning it for years.”

   Despite the sharp sting of raindrops against her skin, she was thankful for the storm.

   Kat gritted her teeth and slid to a halt, twisting to face the man chasing her. He was still alone, keeping his distance now that she was trapped. How thoughtful.
   Kat's heartbeat raced through her. Trembled through her fingertips. Pounded in her head.


  1. Oh my gosh, I want to steal your idea to write a letter from camp so badly. This was such a fun post! My book is also on track to turn out longer than I anticipated I think... *sigh*

    this camp is so big! I can't believe we haven't ran into each other yet. ;) Maybe after you're done with the plot bunny hunt we can meet up at the lake? BUT WHICH LAKE ARE YOU CLOSE TOO??? =)

    LOOOOVE your snippets by the way. Good lukc with the impending trick or joke your characters are surely planning. =)

    1. Go ahead! I just thought it would be something a little different for a writing update, and it was fun to type up. I'd love to hear about your camp adventures. :)

      I know! How about the one where everybody's gathered to make s'mores? I need chocolate after chasing those plot bunnies. :)

      Glad you liked the snippets!

    2. Thanks for letting me steal your idea (which I did today but mine still turned out like a long update because I can't control my rambling!)! =)

      YES! Let's meet there tonight for the final bonfire. I heard there's something extra for the s'mores tonight too. And a dragon fueled fireworks show! =)

  2. Love the snippets! So glad camp is going well. Enjoy your time and keep on writing!!! :D

    1. So glad you liked the snippets! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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