Snowfall | January 2016

* Finished reading 7 books. (My 2016 reading board can be found here.) *
* Attended a handwriting analysis class. *
* Took a little writing break. *
* Participated in #JanuaryWIPJoy on Twitter. * 

* Adventured through the first snow of the year. *

Tell me about your January!


  1. Okay, first a question, what's a handwriting analysis class? Oh, I'm so exicted for you finishing the first draft of Songbirds!
    Most of my Janurary was spent editing and rewriting but I feel pretty productive so that's a good thing! Hope you have another amazing month! =)

    1. This one was more of an overview of what handwriting analysis can be used for, and some of the things analysts look for in a handwriting sample. It's actually pretty interesting!


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