Beautiful People: January 2016

Beautiful People is a monthly linkup hosted by Cait and Sky. Each month, they share ten questions to help writers get to know their characters and their projects. To find out more and to join the fun, check out their blogs!

This month is all about writing goals!

What were your writing achievements last year?
I finished several short stories, along with several novella-/novel-length drafts (some first, some revisions). I don’t remember the exact number at the moment.

I also tried to get better at carving out time to write each day, but also tried to remember that it’s okay to take writing breaks sometimes.

And I actually submitted something for publishing (Five Magic Spindles). *tries not to freak out*

Tell us about your top priority writing project for this year?
I really need to finish this draft of TAD2. I restarted it twice in 2015 but it’s been a difficult one to revise. I scribbled out a potential opening chapter the other day though, and I also had an idea for something that may help with some of the plot problems I’ve had with it.

List 5 areas you’d like to work the hardest to improve this year.
I’d like to get better at writing at least five hours a week. It doesn’t sound like much, but at least an hour a day for five days is a decent amount of writing time.

I’d also like to feel more confident in my writing, in terms of knowing when is a good time to step back and stop trying to fix a certain thing. I tend to overthink some things, which is part of why revising has been kind of hard.

Pacing is a problem in some of my stories, so I need to get better at figuring out each story’s rhythm.

I’d also like to write more short projects this year. I used to write short stories all the time, it seemed, but 2015 was the first time I’d actually gotten back into it in a long time. It’s so much fun to do, and not every story idea is meant to be a huge novel, right?

So far, I only have those four things…

Are you participating in any writing challenges?
I plan to participate in both Camp NaNo challenges and NaNoWriMo. I may also try to finish a draft of something in February for my own challenge, like I did last year.

What’s your critique partner/beta reader situation like and do you have plans to expand this year?
Currently, I have a small circle of readers (usually my sister and my mom). I’d love to have more beta-readers, though. I just feel weird asking people to read my stuff…

Do you have plans to read any writer-related books this year? Or are there specific books you want to read for research?
I have several writing reference books I’d like to look through this year, but not really any specific reading plan for them. Depending on which writing projects I end up focusing on this year, I’m sure there will be research reading for those too.

Pick one character you want to get to know better, and how are you going to achieve this?

Well, there are several, but one in particular is Kilam from TAD2. As the story has changed, his individual storyline adapted. I need to make sure his actions and motives all make sense.

Do you plan to edit or query, and what’s your plan of attack?
I don’t really have any querying plans yet for the year. I’ve got lots of editing ones though.

I guess I just want to focus on making my writing as good as it can be.

Toni Morrison once said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”  What are the books that you want to see more of, and what “holes” do you think need filling in the literary world?
As much as I love big adventures with high stakes, it would be nice to read some books that are just light and funny or just make you feel better. Obviously, conflict makes a story but it’s also nice to just read something where you can just get lost in the world and get to know the characters without worrying if your favorite will make it to the next chapter. :)  And it would be cool to see those in various genres.

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?

I want to continue growing as a writer this year. I’d also like to complete all of my writing goals for the year


  1. Hi Jameson! Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of fabulous goals this year. :D I love your story snippets, by the way. I can't wait until your books come out...

    To let you know, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You can find it here:

    1. Oh, thank you! I'm glad you like the snippets!

      And thank you for the award! I'll be posting it soon. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Those are some impressive goals for the year! Writing for an hour each day is a very admiral goal, but like you mentioned, it is also important to take breaks and recharge the creative batteries, so to speak. :) I only just started getting into writing shorter things, and I am finding it difficult to keep plot bunnies from coming in and making the story way more complicated than it needs to be. I guess it comes with practice. It is so true that not every idea is worth a whole book of exploration!
    Hope you have a great writing year! Thanks for stopping by :D

    1. Yes! As much as I love writing, sometimes I have to step away from it for a little while, just to clear my head. :)

      Plot bunnies are wonderful and terrible at the same time! Sometimes they lead to the best stories, although maybe not always in the most convenient of ways...

      Thanks for stopping by!


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