Looking Back + 2016 Goals

I meant to do a recap of 2015 but life got busy with the holidays and then I got sick, so…here we are.

Last year was a year of surprises (good and bad). It was a year in which I discovered some of my limits. Mostly, it was a year of learning and trying to grow. Despite the tiring moments, the sad moments, and the angry ones, there were beautiful and bright moments too. 

Going into 2016, I feel hopeful. I have no idea what the next year will bring but I am excited to learn.

Every year, I like to set new goals to work toward throughout the next 365 days (or 366, in this year’s case). This year, I have six “big” goals that I want to accomplish.

Bible-reading (358/366) – I have a new prayer/study journal, so I’m excited to see what fills its pages.
Finish two first drafts – This may be anything from short stories to novels.
Finish two revisions – Same as above, though there are novel revisions I hope to make this year.
Read 50 books – There are so many things I want to read this year. (Feel free to share book recommendations!)
Lose 30 pounds – This is more of a health thing than an appearance thing, so I really want to do this and stick with it.
Cook more often – I’ve gotten better but I’m still not great.
Blog twice a month – I’d like to post more when I can, but at least two posts each month should be doable.      

Have you set any goals for the new year?


  1. Lovely goals, Jameson! I really need the revisions one myself, because I'm mostly horrible at doing revisions. Also, I'm oblivious because I only just realized it's a leap year, so thanks for that! I'm glad you had a relatively good 2015 and hope you have an even better 2016!

    My main goal this year is to just write and have with it and not stress myself out as much as I did last year. =)


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