2015 Top Tens: Movies

I shared my ten favorite books of 2015 a few days ago, so now it’s time to rank my ten favorite movies of the year. I watched so many good ones this year but I was finally able to narrow the list down to ten. :)

To see last year’s list, visit this post.

10.) Belle

This one is a little bit Pride and Prejudice-meets-Amazing Grace. I really enjoyed the plot and loved the costuming!

9.) Moms' Night Out

I like comedies but it isn’t too often that they actually make me laugh out loud through the entire thing. This movie, however, was lighthearted and managed to keep me laughing quite often.

8.) The Maze Runner

While this one was felt a bit slow in places, I really enjoyed it. (I watched it before reading the series, and to be honest, I liked the movie more.)

7.) Inside Out

I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob. (Ten points to whoever gets that reference.)

6.) Big Hero 6

This one was quirky and fun (and a little bit sad). I loved it!

5.) The Book Thief

This was a brilliant book-to-movie adaptation. I think it really captured the story as well as the emotion of the book.

4.) Jurassic World

I grew up watching the Jurassic Park movies so when I heard they were doing another sequel, I was super excited. It was a fun return to the park and I really liked the throwbacks to the other movies.

3.) Dracula Untold

I like retellings, especially if they are done well. I really liked this twist on the Dracula story and am eager to see what they do next.

2.) Ant-Man

My expectations for this movie were actually on the low side but I was happy to be proven wrong. (And I’m really excited to see Ant-Man return in Civil War.)

1.) The Avengers: Age of Ultron

I loved seeing the team back together again, as well as meeting the newer team members (and other surprise characters!). Ultron quickly became one of my favorite villains too.

What were your favorite movies in 2015?


  1. I did like Avengers, Inside Out, and Big Hero 6. They were all pretty good. :)

  2. I love Age of Ultron!!! It's definitely one of the best movies I saw this year. :D

    *takes points* I understood that reference. ;)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)


  3. Inside Out! It's the best! I love Sadness because she makes me sad and happy. Also YES, Big Hero 6, it's one of my favorite movies ever. You aren't alone in thinking that Maze Runner the movies are better than the books. I read the books first and just hated them by the time I finished the trilogy.

    Some of my favorites of the year also include Star Wars (of course!) and The DUFF.


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