Camp NaNo!

Camp NaNo is back for the second session. Officially, I’m working to add 10,000 more words to Red, which is a novel I am cowriting with my mom. We’re hoping to have 20,000 words added to it by the end of July. So far, we’re a little ahead of our daily word counts.

I’m also hoping to add a few thousand more words to The Luckless Ones, since my goal is to have the first draft completed by the end of August. I’m tracking my progress for it on myWriteclub.

The Assassin’s Daughter is kind of in a phase where I’m taking a break to let my head clear before I dive back in for editing. (I think it is getting close to done! I just want to make sure...) In the meantime, I’ve been revising TAD Book Two, which seems to be going really well. I’m hoping to add to it throughout July as well. I’m hoping to have this draft finished around October, so I can take a break from it during NaNo in November. (I’m also tracking progress on mWc.)

So that’s what my writing life looks like. My focus has been on these projects for a while, but they are all pretty on track, I think. Hopefully they stay that way.

Are you doing this session of Camp NaNo?