AFSiJ 2014: Week Four

Actually Finishing Something in July is hosted at Whisperings of the Pen.

Week Four Questions

How goes progress? 
Since most of my focus has been on Red, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made with it. 
TAD2, however, has been the subject of more neglect than I’d intended. *pats Word document lovingly*

Snippet-time! Share a snippet or two from your weekly writing.

Tucked away in the depths of his thoughts I am sure are many questions to which I can only hope to have answers. But he stands still, letting only a few of those questions show on his face. The face that looks so much like mine.

“Will I ever be able to control it?” he asks, finally.     (Red, p. 26)
The sound of rattling chains whispers through the air.
Instinct drives my hand to the knife at my hip, curls my fingers around the handle, and slips it from its sheath.      (Red, p. 29)

Do you have a Pinterest inspiration board, or other collection of images, that inspires your story? If so, share a couple of them with us.
I don’t have a Pinterest board for Red.
How would the main character of your story react if he or she were introduced to you?
I’m sure it would be an awkward meeting. On the characters' part, there would be many questions, and on mine, much stumbling over an explanation which would involve the words: “It’s for the good of the story....”

Introduce us to one or two of the secondary characters in your story.
I think I’ll introduce Fenris. He’s the older brother of Jorryn, and is very much the leader in most situations. Recent circumstances have forced him to step aside. Fen loves the chance to laugh or make someone smile, though he is finding the opportunities to do so less numerous than they once were.

I’ll also introduce Dane. He’s another of the characters whose POV I’ve been working in. He does not know Jorryn, though there are some connections to their stories. Dane could best be described as a skeptic and a loner, which makes him an oddity in his village.

If your main character were allowed to choose a super-power, which power would he or she most desire?
I think if Jorryn could choose a superpower, he would be very interested in the ability to change the past. 

We're nearing the end of this summer challenge! Is the completion of your goal in sight?
I will probably not make the new 15,000-word goal for Red, and I don’t think I will make it to 25,000 words in TAD2 either. Still, I am content with the 13,000+ words I currently have added to Red, since it is more than I’d originally planned to write.