AFSiJ 2014: Week Two

Actually Finishing Something in July is hosted at Whisperings of the Pen.

Week Two Questions
1) Were you able to reach your weekly goal? 
Sort of. I didn’t write every day this week, but I’ve tried not to fall too far behind on my word count. At this moment, I’m hovering around 8,600 words in Red. I haven’t yet gotten back to TAD2.

 2) Is this challenge encouraging you to write more often?
Yes! I find I tend to write really well when I have something to hold me accountable for the amount I’m supposed to be writing. Plus, I like being able to cross goals off my list. AFSiJ and Camp NaNo are great sources of motivation for this.

3) At what time of the day did you accomplish most of your writing?

I’ve been writing mostly during the afternoons and evenings. Between noon and 4:30 is when I’ve been able to squeeze in the most writing. 

4) Which musical tracks do you listen to most while writing?
For most of this week, I’ve had a movie or TV show playing while I write. It’s usually been Doctor Who or one of the Christmas movies playing on Hallmark. When I have listened to music, it’s been the soundtracks for Brave and Thor.
5) Share a descriptive snippet or two of your writing.

     When I was a boy, my father told me of many legends carried down through generations of our people. The legends spoke of great princes from among the stars, their ferocious battles and mysterious powers. As a boy I believed them without questioning their truths.
     I was a child then. (Red, p. 11)

     Lene resumes knitting, the circular shape of the hat beginning to show through after each row is completed. She works without speaking, her gaze on the yarn but her focus elsewhere. Her eyes are distant, staring at something I can’t see, even if I tried. (Red, p. 9)
6) Share three dialogue-based snippets from your week one writing.

     “Are you sure you should be out here?” I ask as I approach.
     He raises his head but doesn’t say anything. In his gloved hand, he holds a hunting knife.
     “Is there a reason you have that?”
     This question seems answerable. “I thought I might go out later,” he says. “See what I can find.”
      “There’s nothing out today. The weather is to blame, I think.”  (Red, p. 7)

    “But you have always been one to enjoy a bit of fun and mischief. Perhaps more so than all of us.” He smiles. “Besides, what reason would you have to sit here in my company rather than be among your friends?”
     “Are we not friends?” I try to voice the words with lightheartedness. “And anyway, why do you not join the game as well? He is your brother, after all. Imagine the boasts you might make if you bested him.” (Red, p. 19)

   “Perhaps the need for food drives them out. Starvation is a powerful influence.”
   “They aren’t starving yet.”
    “The threat of it is no less frightening.”   (Red, p. 8)

7) How are you going to move forward in this challenge? Are you changing your word-count goal or other plans?
I may increase my word count goal for Red. I’m not certain to what yet, though maybe around 15,000 words.