Farewell, August! | August 2023

And so we arrive at the end of another month. August was a very full month, with plenty of ups and downs, and it feels weird to say it’s ending.

Rereading an older work-in-progress.

It wasn’t really intentional—I opened the file while looking through my Kindle library one morning, and decided to keep reading! It’s a first draft of a story I don’t yet have set future plans for, but it is fun to revisit. 

Writing a fluff short story.

The Christmas-in-July spirit got the best of me and I ended up writing something completely fluffy and non-canon. Though I have no plans to really do anything with it, it was very helpful in working through some character things I was struggling with!

#AbouttheAuthorAugust returned for its fifth year!
Turning 30.
Aside from a little bit of melancholy the day before my birthday, turning thirty years old wasn’t scary or depressing or anything like that. I felt very reflective about things, but mostly am just grateful for another year of life! The day was spent in finishing up my annual LOTR marathon, having dinner with family, and enjoying a cozy day at home.

Rewatching Lord of the Rings.
A Middle-earth Marathon has been an August tradition since my seventeenth birthday. These days, it includes the extended editions of both The Hobbit trilogy and Lord of the Rings, and this year I watched them over the course of about four days instead of two.

Starting a new journal.
I don’t always start a new journal on my birthday, but wanted to this year since it was one of the “milestone” birthdays.
How was your August?