#AbouttheAuthorAugust 2023 | My Responses

Even though #AbouttheAuthorAugust is technically over, I still wanted to join on my blog. :) Here’s a roundup of some of my responses to this year’s prompts!

What sparked your love of writing?

I’ve been in love with stories since I was a little kid—books and bedtime stories, movies, making up games with friends and siblings—and then one day I started writing them!

Something you love about your WIP

My favorite things about my WIP are the characters and their relationships. Some new characters and dynamics are introduced, which impact the main characters' friendship and changes what they think they know. It’s messy and complicated and more than a little chaotic (for me and for them), and I hope I'm doing their arcs justice along the way.

3 facts about your work-in-progress 

1) There is at least one new POV that was not in the first book.
2) I’ve made myself cry at least once writing it. (Not just because it’s been a complicated one to write... 😅😂)
3) It is set in mid/late autumn.

Books/stories/characters that inspire you

If I had to choose something fictional that has influenced me the most, I'd probably have to pick Lord of the Rings. I watched The Fellowship of the Ring when I was about 9 years old and fell in love with all of it—stories, characters, Middle-earth. In my teens, I read through The Hobbit and LOTR, along with several other Tolkien books (Unfinished Tales was a favorite to reread). And if I'm being completely honest: I've never really outgrown my LOTR Era.

It's been such an influential part of my life, well before I ever thought of becoming a storyteller myself. And I wouldn't say anything I've written is anywhere near the scope and scale of LOTR, but it is still one of the stories that inspires me the most.

Writing wishlist

A wedding story (I have a specific one in mind that I would LOVE to write, but so far, it refuses to be written.)
Revisit my historical scifi WIP from 2016
Rewrite my time travel WIP

Your main character(s) in emojis

Katira: 🟪🏹☕📬🏚️⬛

Edellion: 🟥🏹🗡️🌇🛡️⬛ 

Your WIP aesthetic in words
autumn / stone streets / hot cider / memories / hiding in shadows / uncertain promises / inkstains and old papers / flickering firelight / mysterious letters / knives in the dark / rain / maps / whispered secrets / starlight and street lanterns