Introducing ...Truce and Trust: An Inheritance Proclamation Story

Today is the publishing birthday of my book, The Assassin’s Daughter! To celebrate, I’m releasing a short story!

Truce and Trust is a  prequel story featuring Katira and Edellion from The Assassin’s Daughter. I have had so much fun writing this story, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well.

Are there spoilers for The Assassin’s Daughter?

Nope! Even if you haven’t read TAD, you can read Truce and Trust without spoiling the book.

What’s the reading order?

Truce and Trust takes places the winter before The Assassin's Daughter begins (TAD takes place in autumn). You can read Truce and Trust before or after The Assassin’s Daughter.

Where is Truce and Trust available to read?

Here on my website—and it’s free to read! Find the story by clicking the image or link below.