Farewell, February! | February 2023

For the first half of the month, February seemed to take its time. Then the middle of the month arrived and the rest has passed sooo quickly. The weather has often been warm, and already there are more than a few hints of spring’s arrival!

TAD’s birthday!

This year, to celebrate, I posted a prequel short story here on the blog! It’s called Truce and Trust and you can read it here for free. 



The fall event was really fun, and I’m super excited that Christine is hosting another writing challenge this spring!
Catching up on my watchlist!
Like my TBR, my watchlist has gotten rather long and so one thing I wanted to do this year was finally catch up on or check out some of the shows and movies I’ve been saying I need to watch, hehe. So far, I’ve watched The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, had a Moon Knight marathon one Saturday with my mom, and am currently about halfway through Wednesday

Making a book page wall!
This was one of my biggest projects I had for February, and I really like how it turned out. The tape I initially used wasn’t holding up in some places, so I did have to make some “repairs” with a super sticky tape. It added such a cozy touch to my writing space!

How was your February? Is it starting to feel like spring where you live? What’s on your watchlist lately?


  1. I am with you, the last half of the month just FLEW, my goodness. But it was a good month all around. ^_^

    Thank you so much for giving a shout-out to FicFrenzy! So, so thrilled you're joining! And EEP. Literally every single show you listed that you've been watching are favorites of mine. They're all so good! :D

    Also your BOOK PAGE WALL. *heart-eyes* It. Is. SPECTACULAR. I adore how you've used Alice in Wonderland illustrations. My favorite! Oh my goodness, I love it so much.

    I do hope you have a most magical March! <3


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