Snippets | July 2022

This month’s snippets collection is small, in part because most of what I’ve written this month has been in spoilery territory. Which is fun writing, but decidedly more difficult for finding shareable snippets, hehe.
    “I daresay you have been shut up in here all morning, which isn’t good for you, and will be worse for the rest of us if you don’t take a change of scenery.”
    “I don’t need rescuing.”
    “But you do need food. And a walk outside would do you good too.”

    The knot of something that tasted like grief tightened in her throat.

    He cleared his throat. “I am so sorry for your loss,” he said quietly. “I know you must have heard that a thousand times today, but I truly am.”
    “Thank you.” And there—a truth that made the speaking easier. Almost weightless in spite of the sadness.

    Thankfully, she’d chosen a selection of music that was not too joyful as to be disrespectful to the occasion, nor so melancholy as to weigh down an already-heavy day.
    The rain outside was doing steady work of that without any help.


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