#AbouttheAuthorAugust 2022 | All the Info!

It’s almost time for #AbouttheAuthorAugust! This will be the fourth year of #AbouttheAuthorAugust, which will run from August 1st through August 21st. 

Like last year, the prompts are grouped into three weeks for a mix-and-match sort of approach. If you want to do all of Week One’s prompts in one post? Go for it! Only want to join a couple of prompts in Week Three? That’s fine too! This is a flexible challenge so you can fit it into your preferred posting schedule and format.

While I will primarily be posting on Instagram, there will be a blog post version available to join as well. Just add your blog post to the linkup tool below (link tool will be available starting August 1st!).

You can follow me on Instagram @jamesonthewriter for updates, and of course, don’t forget to tag your posts with #AbouttheAuthorAugust!

Introduce yourself
Three facts about your work-in-progress
Multiple WIPs or one WIP at a time?
Your writing space
A snippet of your writing

Share a song (or a few!) from your writing playlist
Something you love about your main character(s)
Favorite part of writing research (craft, history, etc...)
Describe your WIP aesthetic
A snippet of your writing

What inspires you?
A side character you love in your WIP
What are your hobbies?
Share your social media + book links
A snippet of your writing



Will you be joining #AbouttheAuthorAugust?


  1. Ooooh, this is always such a fun and brilliant thing!!! I may have to join in some because I love this. Thank you for always hosting it! :D


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