Snippets | June 2022

This month’s snippets are sourced from a couple of side projects—a fluffy little space thing, and then a light fantasy sort of story. (I’ve been chasing a lot of plot bunnies this month, which has been a lovely refreshment for the brain!)

    “Did they give you a medal for saving the west colony?”
    “Aha, you’re hilarious. For what it’s worth, they didn’t tell me the second pilot had never actually landed a craft outside of sims. I thought he could handle it.”
    “Or maybe you just like saving the day.”
    The corners of his eyes crinkle as he laughs and reaches for his own drink. “Only sometimes.”

    Sometimes it was difficult to see him as a piece of the present.

    A few feet away, a group of musicians has started up a catchy tune that has half the tavern singing. The sound of it isn’t what one what think of when they think of harmony, but there is something mesmerizing in it still. The slight echo of a few voices trailing behind, the loss of a lyric’s clarity to forgetfulness or mixed-up words.
    It reminds you of home, of the festivals that used to fill the streets with music and food vendors and people dancing as if no one watched.

    She had done her best to look presentable, even though the black dress was not quite tailored to her, having been borrowed from her mother’s old gowns. But it was meant for mourning, not for style or compliments, and so it did its job without fuss.