Goodbye, May! | May 2022

Anyone else feel like May went by really, really quickly? I remember checking my planner on the 15th and being so confused as to how it was already the middle of the month... It's been busy in an everyday sort of way, but overall a pretty good month.

Finishing a flash fiction story!

The characters were really fun to write, though there wasn’t much plot to it, so now I’m approaching the idea with more plot and am almost done with the new version too.

The Whatsoever Cafe

Watching Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!
Multiverse is easily my most-anticipated movie of the year, so it was really fun to go see it with my mom during opening week! There are some things that weren’t quite up to my expectations, but overall I thought it was fun and enjoyed it (and even saw it twice!).

And Moon Knight easily became a new favorite for so many reasons. I’ve done a lot of rewatching and fangirling over this show in the last couple months… *laughs nervously*

Trudging through a reading slump (...again). 
It’s definitely my brain and moods rather than the books. I didn’t read very much in May until the last week or so, but I am hopeful of reading more this summer. Maybe even a weekend readathon?

Stargazing and spending time outside.
Cool nights watching the lightning bugs or watching the meteor shower are some of my favorite parts of spring and summer.

What was your favorite part of the month?