Snippets | March 2022

Writing has been going well this month, even though it’s been busy. Hence, some late snippets this month...

    “You were spying on me?”
    “Well, to be fair, I’d rather hoped we’d meet on better terms.”

    “I want to offer you a bargain.”
    “I won’t—”
    “For once in your life, just shut up and listen.”
    Funny how he could feel so small with just a few words. “Fine.”

    Nothing is ever the way it first seems, Bayor had told him once.

    Ed said nothing, but he still looked annoyed. “You have your knives?”
    “Always. And you won’t be far, so I’m not worried.”
    “Still.” He let out a breath. “I’ll stay as close as I can.”
    “I know you will.”

    He made no denial of the accusation—how could he?—and lifted his mug in a sort of half-salute. “If we wish to speak of accusations against us, I think you have the worst of them.”


  1. I'm so glad to hear writing has been going well! And these were such fun snippets. That first one especially made me giggle. XD ALL of these have such dynamic characterization. Thank you so much for sharing!


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