Goodbye, March! | March 2022

March has been a month that’s a little of everything—a little bit spring and a little bit winter, a little bit busy and a little bit restful.

Figuring out a writing schedule…

I would love to be able to write every day but it’s just not in the cards right now. So I’m making some time to write about two or three days a week, which is working out okay. I’d like to build the habit of writing the same days each week, though that’s a bit of a challenge, so writing days are a bit all over the place.

But it’s still writing and I’m having a great time!

March 20th was my blogaversary! I didn’t have time to put together a post about it, but it’s always fun to think about how much blogging has changed since I first started, and all the lovely people I’ve “met” through it! (And if there’s a specific kind of post you might like to see on LW, I’d love to hear your suggestions!)

The Whatsoever Cafe | Snippets

A snow day.

This was honestly some of the latest snow I can remember getting, and even though I was totally ready for spring, it was still lovely.

Spring is here!

It’s also been rather cold a lot this month, but the days have been pretty. It’s nice to have warm days to open windows and listen to the windchimes outside.


I’m currently rereading The Windward King and relistening to the Andy Serkis audiobook of The Hobbit. I also finished my latest TBR Jar pick, which was Macbeth. I’d read snippets of it in my senior year of high school but never the entire play. I also got an audio version from my library to listen to alongside the paperback, which was kind of a neat way to read it!

Joining the spring rep team for Lamplighter Literary Creations!

I love the candles from this shop and it’s been so fun to get a chance to be on the rep team this season. (Code WRITER10 will get you 10% off your order, if you happen to check out the shop!)

How was your March? Are you participating in Camp NaNo in April?