Snippets | January 2022

The first snippets post of the year is here! I’ve been working on short stories and chasing flash fiction plot bunnies this month, so the snippet selection is a bit eclectic, but here are a handful of them to start the year!

     The torch gave a hesitant flicker as Eravi held it forward. “Are you sure about this?”
    Laida nodded, though she was uncertain whether he could see the response in the dark. “Yes.”
    On either side of them, fading pigment highlighted etched images on the walls.

    The word pie shouldn’t feel like a jab, but sometimes it does.

    Each street lantern was a spindly ghost in the haze, with uncertain shapes of flickering amber for eyes.

    He nods toward the kitchen. “Pancakes?”
    “Oh, I can’t stay long. I’ve got work.”
    “You sound very bubbly about work on a Saturday.”
    “Hey, I like my job. Most days.” She closes the distance between then and kisses his cheek. “The important question is: What are your Saturday plans?”
    “Besides that.”


  1. Ooooh, these are so fun and intriguing! And "pancakes" is really the only valid plans for a Saturday. *nods sagely*


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