Goodbye, January | January 2022

We’ve completed the first month of 2022! It was a full, busy month in a lot of ways, but also a restful month.  A good reset to start the year!

Writing short stories and flash fiction!

Most of my January writing was short fiction, and I had a lot of fun hopping between different genres and styles.

Settling In: New Year Reflections | Snippets

Snow days.

There were several snowy days this month, though mostly only flurries and dustings. (The banner picture of this post is from our heaviest snow!)

Working on routines and habits.

A few are new and go along with this year’s goals, but some are continuations from last year. I’m working on finding a good balance between rest and productivity, and also planning for some future things.

Lots of reading!

This time last year, I was moving toward a reading slump. I’m happy to report that this year got off to a much nicer start where reading is concerned. I read a total of twelve books, a good portion of which were audiobooks or historical fiction.


How was your January? Did you get any snow? Read any good books? Let’s chat in the comments!


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice reset month. January just FLEW, but it was a good one. And aaaahhhh SNOW. That's wonderful you got some! I just love snow. <3 And yay for lots of reading and working on finding a good balance of things. I spent much of January doing the same.

    I do hope you have a most wonderful February!


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