The Whatsoever Cafe | November 2021

What is the Whatsoever Cafe?

A once-monthly blog post meet up here at Lovely Whatsoevers where we can gather in the comments and talk about writing victories and struggles, what’s inspiring us, and to just have fun talking about the writing life! The virtual doors will open on the second Saturday of each month, but you can join any time of the month!

So find a seat at the virtual tables, grab your favorite (real or virtual) cozy drink, and let’s chat!

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What you’re working on:
NaNoWriMo! This time around I’m writing a contemporary NA with romantic elements, which has been fun. I’ve written contemporary and contemporary romance before, but never a full-length novel in those genres, but I’ve been enjoying it.

A writing victory:
Staying on track with my NaNo word count (so far). I was a bit concerned I would struggle with this, but the writing has been going better than expected and I’ve been able to stay a couple days ahead of schedule.

A writing struggle:
Honestly, I think I started the story too early, and maybe even in the wrong structure. I’m not going back to rewrite it, though I have notes about this to come back to for later drafts. It feels like it has affected the pacing a little bit, but it’s not such a big deal for this draft that I want to dwell on it too much.

What’s inspiring you:
The weather and the season match this book’s setting, which is really nice. I also spent the night in a tiny house for a mini writing retreat, which was so fun and I ended up writing over 7,000 words, which was great motivation!

A goal for the month:

Write 50,000 words for this WIP and win NaNo. I'd also like to finish the entire draft, but I’m okay with needing to write a little of it in December if that’s how it works out. (If you’re doing NaNo this year and want to be buddies, you can find me here!)

Let’s chat! Feel free to answer all of the questions or just a few. I can’t wait to hear how you’re writing is going this month!
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What you’re working on:
A writing victory:
A writing struggle:
What’s inspiring you:
A goal for the month:


  1. Congrats on staying on track! I'm so glad to hear it's going well. And oooh, a mini retreat in a tiny house? :O That sounds like the coziest, most fun thing! I love that you did that!

    My NaNo is going quite well too! I'm definitely enjoying the story...even if working through its convoluted plot is giving me a headache. Lol/ But it is coming for sure and I'm excited to see where it takes me for this second half of NaNo! (Although how are we already halfway through NaNo???)

    I do hope you have a most WONDERFUL rest of NaNo! Cheering you on, friend! <3

    1. Thank you! It was such a fun retreat—super cozy and relaxing and inspiring. I definitely want to do it again!

      I have been in awe of your progress all month long! You've been doing so great! And I've really enjoyed your writing updates through the month. Your book sounds really fun!


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