Snippets | June 2021

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, writing has been slow this month, but I do have a few snippets to share!

The room seemed to shudder under the already failing electrical lights.

I’d never failed a mission yet, and I didn’t intend to fail this one, so I steeled myself against the fluttery feeling in my stomach and pressed forward to the door. Beyond it, the hallway was equally unsteady in its lighting, and I could hear the distant chaos of voices merging in alarm and fear and instruction. 

“You steal it?”
“Something like that.”

I set the folder down gently on the table and clasped my hands atop it. “I’d be delighted to take your case,” I told them.


  1. Ooooh, these are so full of intensity and intrigue! I LOVED the wording of the second one. So immersive and sharp! These were fantastic! <3


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