Farewell, June! | June 2021

Can you believe we’re halfway through the year? June has been a very busy month, but here are some highlights!

Finished a short story!

It’s been a long time since I’ve finished any kind of writing project (okay, since December, but it feels like forever…), so it was fun to finally get through something again, even if it is just a really rough draft.

Brainstorming #AbouttheAuthorAugust!

I’ll be announcing more in July, but I’ve been having fun brainstorming questions and prompts for this year! If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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Lots of reading!

I finished reading eight books (mostly audio). I’m currently about halfway through a reread of Moonscript by H.S.J. Williams, and I’m almost done with These War-Torn Hands by Emily Hayse, and I’m hoping to finish both of those soon. I’d also like to finish The Fall of Gondolin in July.

Watching Loki.

I’ve been super excited for this series ever since it was announced, and it’s been a fun month fangirling over it with my mom and sister. (As of writing this post, I’m still freaking out over that fourth episode… O_O )

Reviewing goals.

There are a few goals that I’m feeling uncertain of achieving this far into the year, but there’s still a lot of time left so I’m hoping for the best! I am excited about the ones I’ve been able to mark as completed already though!

What are some of your favorite happenings from June?