Goodbye, March! | March 2021

We’ve completed the first quarter of the year! March was a very busy, full month, so it definitely seemed like it flew by very quickly.
Progress in The Treasonist’s Son.
I had hoped to hit the midpoint this month, but due to some unexpected busyness, I’m not quite going to make it. I’m close though, and I’m optimistic of hitting that point in the next week or two for Camp NaNo!

Updating the paperback for The Assassin’s Daughter!
I’ve been working on this for a couple months, and I’m excited about it! The original had some formatting errors and typos, and since they needed to be fixed, I wanted to give the cover an update so that it matches the ebook again. I’m currently awaiting my proof copy, but I hope to have the paperbacks available soon.

Starting a new job!
An unexpected opportunity came up a few weeks ago regarding a part-time job, and since I was already considering the prospect of job-hunting, the timing worked out perfectly for this. I’m maintaining my other job as well, so between them and writing and other things, the month has been pretty busy, so I’m still figuring out a rhythm and routine for balancing everything.

I’m getting another nephew!
The newest little in my family is a boy! Being an aunt is one of my favorite things ever, so of course I’m super excited to meet this little fellow this summer. XD

Getting my first COVID-19 vaccine.
I have asthma, and the vaccination phase for my area included that, so I got the first dose this month. I experienced a headache, nausea, and arm soreness the day after, and then a couple of days of arm soreness after that, but I’m feeling better now. I’ll be getting the second dose in a couple of weeks.

Spring is here!
I’ve been looking forward to the time change (longer daylight hours!), and it’s been really nice to have the windows open to let in the warmer air and to go read or write outside. It’s been very rainy the last couple of days, which have been nice too.
How was your March? Are you doing Camp NaNo in April?


  1. Wow, looks like you've had so much going on! I don't know what it was about March, but it was a crazy chaotic month for me as well. I'm hoping April will be a tad calmer. XD

    But EEP. How exciting you got a part-time job! CONGRATS!!! Though I definitely understand the struggles of trying to find a new rhythm. I'm on a constant hunt for that perfect balance! Lol.

    And aaahhhh, a new nephew coming? SO EXCITING! That's wonderful you were able to get a vaccine too. So much going on in March!

    I do hope you have a most amazing April and that Camp goes well! You totally got this! *waves pompoms*

    1. Definitely! Especially compared to last March where so many things stopped or were different. O_O But so far for April things are feeling a little less busy and a more balanced!

      I'M SO EXCITED! Having two nephews around is already so much fun and I cannot wait to meet Nephew Three. :D

      I hope you're having a lovely month as well! Are you doing Camp this month?


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