Snippets | September 2020

September has meant more writing progress than I expected, considering I was traveling the entire first week of the month and only scribbled a few things in my notebooks. But I’ve been chipping away at rewriting the beginning of The Treasonist’s Son, and while it’s not perfect, I think it’s off to a decent (re)start. At the moment of putting this post together, this draft is almost to 19,000 words!
     “I make it my business to know things, Edellion, and a good deal of the things I know would be useful even to you.”

     Ed shuddered against the sharp breeze cutting through his cloak. Aside from the wind, everything felt too still, too quiet. Too quiet to be trusted.

     “I will protect my people and my city. What happens to you is not my concern.”

     He’d been on the other side of the Order’s treaties and laws. Things were never what they seemed to be.


  1. EEEEEE!!! The Treasonist’s Son snippets! :D That's so fantastic September has been a good month of writing. And OH MY GOODNESS. These are gorgeous! I especially love the second one--how everything is too quiet. It's so atmospheric and eerie.

    This was all GREAT! I hope rewrites continue to go well! <3


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