Goodbye, September! | September 2020

And so we arrive at the end of another month. September was a pretty busy month, but a good one!
Made it to 22,000 words in The Treasonist’s Son!
I wasn’t sure how revisions were going to go this month, since I wanted to wait until after I returned from traveling to start this draft. So I’m a little ahead of where I expected to be, and things are going well. I’ll be working through TTS in October and I’m hoping it goes as well as September! :D 

The Pursuit of Merriment hit 950 reads on Wattpad!

I don’t talk a lot about this novella (except around the holidays, perhaps), but it’s definitely one of my favorites. It’ll be four years old this year, so it would be pretty cool to hit 1K reads…

Westward: Road Trip Diary (Part One and Part Two) | Snippets

This is such a cool idea! I love the idea of book boxes (but have never bought one myself), and making one as a gift for someone sounds so fun!

I’ve already talked about this in more detail in the road trip diary posts, but for the first week of September, I was traveling and it was amazing. I should have one or two more posts about that coming to the blog in October.

Finished my reading goal for the year!
My goal was to read fifty books this year, and so I’m a couple months early on this one. Most of the books I’ve read this year have been really good ones, too.

Autumn is here!
I am so excited, y’all. September was surprisingly cool where I live, so it actually felt like fall instead of extended summer.

How was your September? Are you excited about autumn? Any fun fall plans?


  1. That's so exciting you're making such good work on TTS! And huzzah for already hitting reading goals! :D Sounds like you had a lovely September!

    ALL THE YES to cool weather! The weather has cooled off earlier than usual for us too and I'm just SO HAPPY. I loooove me some fall weather! I am most definitely excited for fall. October/November/December is my favorite time of year and I am PSYCHED! :D


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