Snippets | August 2020

Time for another snippets post! This month was very productive for writing, which makes me very happy, and I can't wait to share a few of my favorite snippets!

While I spent a lot of time reworking the outline for The Treasonist’s Son, I also managed to make some good progress on Unto Ash, which is where today’s snippets come from.
She shut her eyes against the glare of light and drew in a steadying breath. When she opened them again, she found Tealdyn’s gaze from across the courtyard.
    The few remaining guards and servants seemed to part for him as he walked toward her and offered his arm. “Are you all right?” 
    “I’m fine.”
    It wasn’t a convincing lie in the least, but he was gracious enough to pretend he believed her. “Walk with me?”
Her heartbeat was too loud in her ears to think clearly. She wanted to charge at him, to rip him to shreds, but she could barely manage to drag herself a few steps backwards to reclaim her knife from where it had fallen.
As Tealdyn had expected, Althea was pacing before the window behind the council table when he arrived in the meeting chamber. She was still wearing her light armor, sword at her hip, and cloak muddied from trekking across snow-soaked earth.
Somehow, Aveirna didn’t seem the kind of woman who would be deterred by bad weather or the cold once her mind was set to something.
Don’t get in the middle of this, Reyn.”
    “You have my word, Your Majesty.”
    He shut the door a little too loudly behind him, and the pulsing ache behind Tealdyn’s left eye flared at the noise.
The garment was one of the last things she had left from her life before, aside from her knives, and over time it had become a collection of memories made of thread and mismatched buttons and cloth.


  1. That's so great you've had such a productive writing month! :D And oh my gracious goodness, THESE SNIPPETS. This may be some of my favorite you've shared yet. They sucked me RIGHT in and now I'm dying to know what all is happening. These characters sound like they are FORCES. Aaahhhh I loved all of this! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! It's so much fun to write these characters. ^_^


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