Farewell, August! | August 2020

It’s been a full and busy month. With movie marathons and a birthday and lots of writing progress, August was, overall, a good month!
The Assassin’s Daughter made it into a Top 100 on Amazon!
This was the first time TAD has been in the Top 100 of a paid category, so that was pretty exciting! This was also one of my best sales months, which was really cool.

Finished a new outline for The Treasonist’s Son.
I’m sure there will be changes to it as I go through the next round of revisions, but I think it’s a good map for approaching the next draft.

More progress for Unto Ash.
As I’ve said before, I’d hoped this was going to be a quick project. But since there are some bigger changes than I initially intended for the story, I’m content for now with slower progress.


#AbouttheAuthorAugust on Instagram!
It was so much fun learning about everyone’s stories and writing. (Christine Smith also turned the challenge prompts into a blog post about her novel and, as always, her book sounds so cool!)

Empire of Blood Cover Reveal and Preorder by Olivia Cornwell
The ebook is available for preorder and I CAN’T WAIT to have this book on my shelves. It’s a good one. (Plus, there are going to be character cards by Anna!)
My twenty-seventh birthday.
As is tradition, I marathoned The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies (I actually finished them a day early!). The morning of my birthday was surprisingly cool, which was a nice change from August’s earlier heat, so I took my laptop out to the shade and wrote some fluffy backstory scenes for my Unto Ash characters. And the day ended with cheesecake, which is always lovely.

Preparing for an adventure!
I’m so excited about this, and I plan to do a blog post or two about it in September.
Are you ready for fall too? Not yet ready to say goodbye to summer? Tell me about your August!


  1. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm so glad you had a lovely day! ^_^ And marathoning The Hobbit and LotR films each year is a FABULOUS idea! :O

    Oh my goodness, that is THRILLING about TAD! CONGRATS!!! Looks like it was an epic month of writing! That makes me so happy! ^_^

    I SO loved answering your fun #AboutheAuthor prompts! Thank you for doing that! (And linking to my post. :D) Maybe one of these days I'll get my life together and actually manage to keep up with IG challenges. Eheh.

    Ooooh, can't wait to hear about your adventure! I do hope you have the most beautiful September! <3

    1. Thank you! It was a really great day. :)

      I had so much fun seeing your responses to #AbouttheAuthorAugust! Seeing them in tag form was really fun, so I may incorporate that into next year's challenge! :D

  2. I am so ready for fall! Thankfully, summer hasn't been awful where I live, but I'm still excited for all things apple, cool weather, pretty leaves, and hoodies!!

    Marathoning LotR and The Hobbit is such an awesome birthday tradition! Happy birthday, btw!

    I so wish I could have participated in the #AbouttheAuthorAugust challenge, but I was overwhelmed with book release stuff and just wasn't able to squeeze it in. But I have thought about copying Christine's idea and making a blog post about it (even though it is no longer August).

    I hope September treats you well!

    1. Same! Thankfully, we actually had a long spring where I live (as opposed to the usual quick jump into summer temps and humidity), but I'm excited for cooler days and the fall colors and the coziness of it all!

      Thank you! It's quite a fun way to celebrate. ^_^

      Congrats on the book release! (I'd love to see your answers to the prompts!)


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