Snippets | July 2020

Time for another snippets post—and on the day it’s supposed to be posted! ;D

My Camp NaNo goal of 10,000 words for Unto Ash is going pretty well. I’m nearly there in the actual document, and it feels like I’ve written close to 10K in updated outline notes too... But I think I’m close to figuring out some of the issues I keep getting stuck on, so that is encouraging.

And now for a small selection of Unto Ash snippets!
    “I’ll follow your orders because you are my sovereign, but I don’t have to trust anyone so easily as you do.”
    Your Excellency.
    She’d forgotten what it was like to be addressed in relation to her title, even in a way that wasn’t serious, and the words echoed in the back of her thoughts even as she left.
    Althea’s knife flashed in the lantern light, her movements precise as she approached the table and settled the blade at the boy’s throat. “I’d rethink threats if I were in your place,” she said.
    Tealdyn picked at the dried berries on his plate, the rings on his fingers glittering in the firelight. All but one of the three rings were new; the signet, however, remained faintly familiar, still worn on the fourth finger of his right hand as it had been when he was still a young man not yet crowned king.