Goodbye, July! | July 2020

To be honest, July has not been the easiest month. There have been very good moments and happenings, but there were some very hard moments too.
Won Camp NaNo.
My word count goal was 10,000 for Unto Ash, and I met that goal. Aside from that 10K, I’ve also spent the month redoing the outline (again) and reworking some existing scenes to fit the new material. I like how things are starting to shape up!

Compiled betareader notes for The Treasonist’s Son.
I’m still waiting on feedback from a couple of readers, but I went ahead and compiled what I’ve already received in my TTS notebook. There are several issues I’ve started trying to brainstorm, and I’m really excited about improving the book.


I’ve read this book twice now and am so excited for the cover reveal!

My cat, Gryphon, passed away.
It was a very difficult decision to have to say goodbye, and I miss him a lot, but I’m grateful for the seven years he was with my family.

Work stuff.
A bit has changed at my job in the last month, but things are settling into a new routine now.

It was a much slower reading month than I had hoped, but I finished Save the Cat!, which has been on my TBR for a while, as well as some TBR Jar titles.
How was your July? Have you been having any fun summer adventures? Tell me about them in the comments!