Snippets | April 2020

The first session of Camp NaNo for this year is nearly over! How’s Camp going for you? 

It’s gone nothing at all as I expected or planned it to, so instead of having a ton of progress for Unto Ash, I’ve mostly just been wrestling with rewriting the beginning. Twice now. But slow progress is better than no progress, and I’m hoping to continue working on this novel through May. As usual, here are a few of my favorite snippets from the month!
    Again, her fingers found the front of his coat as she hauled him out of the street and into an alley. “Who paid you?”
    “You did.”
    The knife fit into her grasp with all the practiced ease of half a life spent using it. The steel shimmered in the faint gray light. “Shall I ask the question again?”
    Restless waves danced under the moonlit sea, woven with the sound of faint voices from the ship decks
    He stacked the letters and shoved them into his coat pocket. “You’re afraid of their reactions?”
    “Not afraid. Merely wary. There’s a difference.”
    He swept a hand through his pale hair and stepped toward the table. “Perhaps you’ve been in hiding too long, Lady. Not everyone thinks you an enemy.”
    Five years hadn’t changed Lady Aveirna’s opinions. There was something to be said of such conviction, but it didn’t change that Tealdyn was a fool to believe her mind would change.


  1. I'm sorry progress has been slow for you, but that's so admirable you're keeping steadily at it. That's the most important thing! And I feel you on story beginnings... They always give me the hardest time. Ugh yes. But you got this, girl!

    And aaahhhhhhh! These snippets are so intriguing! These sound like SUCH dynamic characters. I love it! :D


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