Farewell, April | April 2020

April has been a weird month, to state the obvious. Thankfully, the weather was mostly pleasant and there was plenty to stay busy with to avoid boredom and the worst of the cabin fever. I didn’t really meet the goals I had wanted to for the month, but overall, I’m pretty happy with what I did accomplish.
Sent The Treasonist’s Son out for critique!
As much as I enjoy getting feedback on my WIPs so I can improve them, it’s also kind of weird to imagine that other people are finally seeing this one??? Funny the flaws you remember after you hit the send button, isn’t it? *chuckles nervously*

I won character art!
The lovely @art.by_ash hosted a giveaway for an art commission and I won! I LOVE her take on Katira from The Assassin’s Daughter!


Camp NaNo.
This was definitely not my best Camp, but I’m learning to be okay with not making the progress I’d hope to for Unto Ash. I’m hoping to work on it more in May, at a slower pace with manageable expectations.


Social distancing.
Because that’s life as we know it at the moment. Some of the restrictions are lifting for my area soon, which is a little stressful in some ways. I mean, things aren’t going back to the old normal and it’s important to start looking at ways to implement the new normal, but I’m also a bit anxious about the risks associated with that at this time. I’m planning to be careful in the ways I can, though!

Writing letters.
I’ve thought for years of writing letters more, and this month proved an excellent time to jot down a quick note to loved ones and hopefully offer something to brighten their day for a little while.

Watched Little Women.
One Friday, my sister wanted to have a movie night to watch the latest adaptation. Since Little Women is one of my all-time favorite books, I was skeptical about how this version would measure up to the hype around it. I was very pleasantly surprised and basically had to take back all skeptical things I said prior to watching it! (This time, the hype was right.)

Baked chocolate rolls (again).
This has been my sort-of-quarantine baking experiment and I’ve not quite succeeded with it. I’ve tried twice, and while the taste is good, they tend to be a bit dry? I’m planning to try again though because this is a baking goal I would very much like to achieve.
What have you been up to this month? Did you write for Camp NaNo? Tackle any new hobbies or projects? Catch up on an good movies or TV shows?


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Little Women! I was skeptical, too, but I'm glad I gave it a chance because I thought it was really well done. I reread the book before watching and I think the actors nailed the characters. :)


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