Snippets | March 2020

It’s kind of funny that in the same month I post about how I (am attempting to) stay organized with social media, I forget to schedule a blog post that occurs each month.

Oh well. Such is life and being human, right?

That said, I have a new batch of snippets from The Treasonist’s Son (still weird to type that!) that I hope you will enjoy. Consider them a celebration of sorts in finally reaching the end of the revisions I’ve been working on since the end of January. So...if y’all want to throw some feedback in on this book, let me know? ;D
    He’d never threatened death before and truly meant it. The words tasted of fire and copper and blood, and his vision spotted red.
    Kat was awake long before dawn, though she didn’t force herself out of bed until the first hint of light was at play through her window. A deep lavender in the distance blurred the space where darkness met light, and each star seemed to cling to its place in the sky for as long as possible.
    The weight of the memory clawed the breath from his lungs.

    Kat allowed habit to guide her motions as she set the arrow. “Did I ever tell you about the time I got lost looking at stars?”
    There were other places to go on a sleepless night, especially when one’s head was reeling with too many thoughts and worries.
    “I’ll meet you in the hallway,” Ed said, shrugging one arm into his waistcoat. “Don’t forget your cloak.” 
    “Are you trying to get yourself arrested?”
    “Not at all. I’m trying to piece together the truth.”


  1. AAAHHHH THESE SNIPPETS ARE AWESOME! But WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THESE POOR CHARACTERS??? The feels are just leaping out of the words. But oh my gracious, these are so beautifully written! Thank you for sharing this feels-induced loveliness! <3

    1. Eeep! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked them!

      But yeah...Things are happening in this book. *chuckles nervously*


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