Goodbye, March | March 2020

Here we are at the end of March, and it’s no new observation that it’s been a very strange month all around. It’s weird to look back on life at the beginning of the month and how quickly things shifted!
Finish the first 2020 revisions of The Treasonist’s Son!
I started these in January, and while it took longer than I’d hoped, this draft is done and about as ready as it can be for critique and feedback. (I hope.) So, if you’re interested in betareading it, let me know!

Camp NaNo prep (or the lack thereof).
I am doing Camp NaNo and I already have my project picked out, but I haven’t done much prep due to running past my TTS deadline. I’m hoping to get most of my brainstorming done by the end of April’s first week though, and make decent progress for Camp. I don’t think there will be much new material going into this draft, but I do need to rework the opening chapters and some things near the end.
This year marked six years of Lovely Whatsoevers and thirteen years since I started my first blog!


Excellent tips from Christine on productivity and managing tasks and time!

A great list of ideas for how to spend your time while social distancing!
Used bookstore shopping!
I’ve only been to McKay’s a few times in my life, but a surprise trip earlier in the month resulted in some pretty cool finds, including a writing reference book about character traits, Save the Cat!, a writing prompt book, and a Lord of the Rings journal.

This is kind of a mix of life and social media stuff, I guess. After finishing work on TTS, I had all of the last weekend of March free to take a writing break and do other creative things, and one of those was a readathon! This was my first time hosting one (and I think only my second or third time participating in one!), and it was so much fun to see what other people were reading! 

Social distancing.
I mean, we’re all doing that as much as we can, right? But it’s still weird to think about how quickly things changed. While I do still have to go out for work and necessities, staying home hasn’t been too bad, especially since the weather has been nice. I’m still wrestling with some of the anxiety that comes with knowing the world is practically shut down, but it’s been better than it was at first, I think. Staying busy helps, so I’ve gotten started on spring cleaning, attempted baking chocolate rolls, and spent a lot of time outside.
How are you holding up? Do you have spring weather yet where you live? Are you participating in Camp NaNo? Tell me all the things!


  1. AWK. So honored to have my post linked! Thank you!!! <333

    It is definitely interesting month. o.o Having to adjust to a new normal for sure. But the weather HAS been really nice. My sis and I spent all evening yesterday on the porch, so that was really nice. Trying to find the joy amidst the insanity.

    I do hope you and your family are staying well and that April proves to be a wonderful month!

  2. Sounds like you had a great March month! And AHHHHH!!!! Well done on finishing the draft for TTS!!! Please please PLEASE sign me up for beta-reading!!! *fangirl screaming*

    Best wishes to you during Camp NaNo! I'm totally with you on the "lack thereof" in prepping for this month's Camp. I'm completely pantsing my story right now, but got some ideas in how the draft needs to be completed, so we'll see what happens...

    I LOVED Christine's post on the time management & productivity tips!

    Also, used bookstores are THE BEST. I LOOOOOVE McKays!!! How lovely you found some treasures! I wanted to take part in your readathon, but obviously it didn't happen. Hopefully, next time!

    So sorry to hear the anxiety has reared its nasty head with all the insanity going on. I hope you can push through it! I find comfort & peace in knowing our King is in control, no matter what may happen here. Isn't it amazing that we as Christians can be fearless because of His promises to us? Praying that for you, dear girl!

    Happy writing! <333


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