Farewell, February | February 2020

February has been a flurry of writing, book birthday stuff, and the usual life happenings. And here we are now at the end of it, extra day and all. (And I actually kept forgetting it was a leap year for most of the month, hehe!)
Finishing up some new material for TAD2.
This month’s edits are just a wee bit off-track since I was sick for a few days this month, but otherwise, they’re going well!

And on the subject of TAD2
There’s a real title! So if you see The Treasonist’s Son mentioned on my blog or social media, it’s the same misbehaving WIP, just under its new name. ;D

Also: There was an issue with commenting earlier in the month, but I think it’s fixed now? If there’s still an issue, just let me know via email or social media message!

Christine always has such fun fairy tale posts, and this one for Fairy Tale Central’s month-long celebration was so great.

I loved this collection of names!

I always find it intriguing to see the behind-the-scenes of other people’s writing process, and Nadine’s writing update videos are so encouraging!
Went to a writing festival!
This was my third year attending, and the first time my sister went with me. Dr. Bill Bass was a speaker this year and I’ve wanted to go to one of his presentations since I was about twelve, so I was super excited about finally having the chance to hear him speak!

February tends to be one of the snowiest months where I live, and while there was rarely more than a flurry or a dusting, it was still more snow than usual. The gray days made for great writing days!

Lots of reading.
So far 2020 has been a really good reading year. I finished six books this month, I think?

Day trip!
My parents and I took a day trip to North Carolina and South Carolina, which was super fun. Lots of sightseeing and meandering, and admiring the pretty scenery of places I’d never been before!
How was your February? Are you looking forward to spring and the time change? Enjoying winter? Let’s chat!


  1. It sounds like you had some lovely highlights for February! I honestly cannot believe it's already March. Where is the time going???

    Thank you for linking to my post! I'm honored! ^_^

    I do hope you have the most amazing March, girl! <3


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