Sasquatch and Cryptids, Oh My! | 2019 Conference Recaps

Fun fact: One of my favorite myths/legends/cryptids is Sasquatch!

(I blame A Goofy Movie and Harry and the Hendersons.)

So back in July I promised a recap of the bigfoot conference I attended—and here it is, with the addition of another conference I attended last weekend! Due to lighting and my phone camera’s tendency to be a bit finicky, the pictures aren’t the best, but I wanted to include of a few fun shots of the events.

Without further ado—here are some “sightings” from bigfoot (and cryptid) conferences!
This fellow greeted people waiting in line at the summer event,
the first ever Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference.
Cutouts like this stood on either side of the stage at the conference.


If you go to a bigfoot conference, one must take a photo in front of the banner, right?

Cool as this banner is though, this one at the fall event, Cryptids: Creatures, Legends, and Lore, was my favorite:

It’s Patty!

Throughout the day, walking by this banner usually meant seeing people try to copy it. My Patty impression needs some work...

At Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference, my mom, sister, and I met Cliff Barackman (from Finding Bigfoot).

At Cryptids: Creatures, Legends, and Lore, we met James “BoBo” Fay (also from Finding Bigfoot).

Each conference had multiple speakers, with presentations that ranged from personal experiences to more scientific aspects of sasquatch and cryptid research. While there was seriousness, I loved how the general atmosphere of both events was just a bunch of people coming together to have fun!

The presentations were my favorite parts of the conference, and I especially enjoyed the Q&A panels at the end of conference. The fall conference had two tracks (one focused more on bigfoot and cryptids, another on ghosts and such), but I mostly checked out the cryptid side of things, including the evening’s Q&A.


A few of the things I got at the summer conference.

What is a conference without fun merch? At the fall conference, I acquired a shirt, a button, some stickers, and some artwork.

And that’s pretty much my bigfoot conference adventure!

What’s your favorite creature legend/myth?