October Days | October 2019

In October, autumn finally settled in, with foggy mornings and rainy days, which were perfect for writing and reading.
While I am aware of the flaws still existing in it, I am very, very excited to finally complete the draft I’ve been working on since February. There are so many elements in this draft that I love and that finally clicked into something that works. And since it’s done in time for NaNo, I’ll have a bit of time to take a break from the story and come back to it with a fresh outlook!

Novel Plot Week.
I stuck to the usual schedule, and spent the week of the 20th through 26th to brainstorm and gather all the notes for my NaNo project.


There are so many cool story ideas being discussed in this blog party! Can’t wait to see the November edition.
Went to a cryptid conference.
It was fun and I bought a bigfoot shirt and tried to recreate the iconic Patterson-Gimlin footage pose (tried being the key word here  ;D ).

Tons of autumn reading.
I’ve started reading The Hobbit and Dracula, and I’m halfway through the fourth installment of  Elizabeth D. Marie’s Crown of Stars series.

How was your October? Are you ready for NaNoWriMo?


  1. YOU FINISHED TAD2 AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *THROWS ALL THE CONFETTI* CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting! And what perfect timing, right before NaNo! EEP. I'm so, so happy for you!!!

    Thanks for linking to Know the Novel! I just love doing it and reading about everyone's epic novels! Speaking of which...

    I do hope you have the most amazing NaNo! Cheering you on! :D

    1. I'M SO EXCIIIIITED! *screeches* Thank you!

      I was so hoping to finish it before NaNo so that was definitely nice! It'll be nice to take a break and work on something completely different so I can come back to TAD2 with a new outlook! ^_^

      Happy NaNoing!


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