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I love collecting favorite book quotes—whether it’s a line that makes me laugh or feel inspired, or a bit of description that makes the scene come to life in just the right way.
  • Pick three books with prose that stands out in vivacity and beauty. Books that could stand on imagery alone without characters or plot.
  • Tag a few friends to join the fun!
  • Tag credit: Nichole @ Thoughtful Inklings 
 The Electrical Menagerie
by Mollie E. Reeder

“By the waning light of Veris, Sylvester Carthage fell out of the sky.”

I recently reread The Electrical Menagerie and once again loved the descriptions of the world and the intricacies of the characters.
North and South
by Elizabeth Gaskell

“They fell back into their usual mode of talk,—about facts, not opinions, far less feelings.”

Though I’ve only read it twice, North and South quickly became one of my favorite classics, with its sharp dialogue and vibrant characters.
Anne of Green Gables
by L.M. Montgomery
“He smiled his shy smile at her as he went into the yard. Anne took the memory of it with her when she went to her room that night and sat for a long while at her open window, thinking of the past and  dreaming of the future.”

The cast of Anne of Green Gables is so wonderful, and the story never fails to make me smile (or cry, depending).


  1. I LOVE THIS TAGGGG. I'm so happy you tagged me for it, because otherwise I was probably gonna steal it. Bwahahaha.

    I 10000% agree on The Electrical Menagerie and Anne of Green Gables. SUCH gorgeous books. Two of my favorites ever ever ever. The Anne books always awoken a sense of LIFE in me. They just made the world so beautiful. And TEM. *clutches heart* I literally cried multiple times while reading it from the sheer beauty of it all. Shamefully I have not read North and South but you're making me want to!

    Thank you for tagging me! This is gonna be fun! :D

  2. This tag is so fun! I love supporting books with good writing. Now to pick three titles...

    Thank you!


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