Snippets | September 2019

Writing continues at a (mostly) steady pace, and I’m pretty excited about the way things have been going on the writing front lately. Lots of character moments and plot stuff. ^_^ Here are some of my favorite snippets from the month!
    He didn’t ask for an explanation, but she felt the want of it hanging in the silence between them.
     Aviran’s words held the slightest edge to them.
    A warning that Kilam was treading too close to an edge and had better retreat.
    He had, unfortunately, never been very good at retreating.
    Steel flashed in Ed’s right hand as he gave the small blade a light twirl with his fingers.
    Something in the air felt different. Sparking and alive and waiting.


  1. I so admire how you are ALWAYS making progress with writing! I feel like I'm either writing a whole novel in a month or...not writing at all. I'm not great at the whole steady pace thing. XD Gotta do better!

    These were great! That last one especially! SO BEAUTIFUL.

  2. You are an inspiration, girl! I so need to get in a better writing habit... LOOOOOOOVE these snippets! I just GOBBLE THEM UPPPPP <333


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