Twenty-Six | August 2019

August was a writing-filled, bookish, and restful month. Not a bad way to begin the ending of summer!
Reshaping my daily and weekly writing habits.
I’m actually planning to write more about this later, but the short version is that I’ve shifted my approach to those and how I’m managing daily goals. It’s still in the early phases of experimenting, but I’m very happy with the way things are going so far.  ^_^

Learning fun little details characters have kept hidden.
Because sometimes you think you know everything about a character and then a fun little detail slips in that takes you by surprise. I love those moments!
Summer Things | Snippets

And sort of bloggy but not really: #AbouttheAuthorAugust happened! I loved seeing everyone’s photos and had so much fun hosting this challenge!

Loved this bit of flash fiction to go with some encouraging words!
A really cool look at first lines and how they can set the tone for stories.
Turned twenty-six.
To celebrate, I went stargazing the night before with my parents and my nephew. On my birthday, I went shopping for some planner supplies, went out for lunch, and then had cake and ice cream at home. It was a very pleasant birthday, and very restful since I was on vacation those days as well. Not a bad way to turn a year older at all.

Marathoned The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies.
As part of my vacation, I planned two days for this purpose and it was totally worth it. 

Lots of reading.
Honestly, August was one of my better reading months of 2019. I started a reread of The Lunar Chronicles (finally), attempted a readathon, and have been putting together ideas for an autumn reading list!
Tell me about your August adventures! Any good summer reads? End-of-summer trips? Are you looking forward to fall?


  1. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!! That definitely sounds like such a pleasant one. ^_^

    I'm so happy to hear writing is going well. I definitely LOVE those moments when characters reveal new things about themselves. It just makes the writing process that more magical.

    Okay, but watching The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and rereading The Lunar Chronicles just sounds so, so perfect. Such a fantastic way to spend the summer. Love it!

    I do hope your September will be just as lovely! <3

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      It's so much fun to figure out these new details that help things I already knew make more sense! One of my favorite parts of writing.

      August was very restful, which I appreciated. It was nice to creatively recharge as well!


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